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Repairing Your Hot Tub Cover: Tips and Tricks

February 27th, 2024

“Maybe it’s time for a repair.”

That’s a sentence that causes many people to cringe. Why? Because time is something we can rarely get enough of, and repairs often require know-how we lack (particularly when it comes to hot tub circulation pumps).

But when it comes to repairing your hot tub cover, there’s good news. This project is likely a DIY job that won’t take much time at all. Learn how to quickly repair your own hot tub cover when there’s an obvious problem.

Learn how to make an informed spa purchase, and perhaps save yourself from the hassle of repairing your hot tub cover.

Saving A Waterlogged Hot Tub Cover

If your cover’s vinyl lining develops holes or begins to deteriorate, the water from your hot tub will seep into the foam of your cover. You’ll know this has happened by the way the hot tub cover feels heavy and soggy.

To resolve the waterlogged cover problem, start by removing the hot tub cover from the tub. Next, remove the damp foam from the vinyl lining and lay it out in a sunny area where it can dry out.

While the foam is drying, take time to clean out the vinyl with a cleaner that combats mildew and mold (and avoid having to deal with a foamy hot tub). While you’re cleaning, look for the hole or tear where the water leaked through to the foam. You’ll need to patch this hole before putting the foam layer back into the liner.

Patching A Hole In Your Hot Tub Cover

The easiest, most reliable way to patch a hole is to purchase a patch kit. The patch kit will come with instructions, but we have some basic pointers as well. First, trim the edges of the tear so that they’re not jagged, and trim the patch so that it’s about one inch larger than the hole on all sides. To keep the edges of the patch from curling, cut rounded edges around the patch.

Before applying the patch to the vinyl, be sure to wash the area around the hole so that the patch will securely adhere to the cover. To ensure that the patch sticks and stays, roughen up the area with sandpaper before applying the patch. Make sure you avoid the edges of the hole though. Remember, you want the edges to be smooth, but the surrounding area should be a little rough.

If the hole in your hot tub cover has not only torn the vinyl liner, but it has also penetrated the foam, you’ll need to patch the foam as well. Simply purchase a piece of foam that you can cut to fit the shape of the hole. Insert the foam into the hole and then apply a patch to both sides of the foam. The foam will be sandwiched between the two adhesive patches for maximum protection and security.

What’s The Big Deal If My Hot Tub Cover Is Waterlogged?

Even a weighty, waterlogged hot tub cover does its job to keep leaves and twigs out of your hot tub. So why bother with a repair? The biggest problem with keeping a waterlogged cover on your hot tub is the fact that a waterlogged cover does not insulate your water. In fact, it pulls heat out of your tub. Not only does this cause a major inconvenience if you’re trying to soak in a hot spa, but it will also cause a dramatic increase in your energy bill.

What If I Need A New Hot Tub Cover?

Sometimes hot tub covers are simply beyond repair. If yours has reached that point, it may be time to purchase a new one. Hot Springs Pool & Spas offers a great selection of quality hot tub covers that will insulate and protect your hot tub for years to come. Contact us online, or give us a call! We’re here to help you protect your hot tub and make it last.

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