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Get the Most Out of Your Hot Tub with These 9 Accessories

February 27th, 2024

Have you been busy enjoying your backyard oasis, but you still feel like there’s something… missing?

You already have the spa. What more could you need?

We’re here to let you in on nine of the coolest and most helpful hot tub accessories you need to get the maximum potential out of your spa.

The Best Spa Accessories:

  1. Cup Holder Or Refreshment Float
    Planning to spend a lot of time soaking in your spa? You’ll probably get thirsty, and who wants to have to get in and out constantly to grab their drink? Picking up a cup holder or refreshment float lets you keep a cold drink nearby while you relax. Careful not to spill – you’ll find yourself with a foam problem before you know it.
  2. Bluetooth Floating Speaker
    It’s not a party until you have some jams! Add a floating speaker to your spa party to help you unwind for the evening. We’ve had customers talk to us about floating speakers, so we decided to check them out ourselves. Get yours now on Amazon.
  3. Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow
    Avoid leaning your head against the hard shell of your spa. Rather than end up with a neck ache, try investing in a bath pillow, especially one that’s non-slip! You’ll be able to truly enjoy your relaxation without getting a crick in your neck. A personal favorite brand of ours is Home Prime.
  4. Waterproof Games And Cards
    Enjoy family game night IN your hot tub by adding waterproof playing cards. Not only are playing cards available, but board games are, too! When poker gets the best of you, switch your attention over to a game of checkers.
  5. Caddy Tray
    We know we have a hard time disconnecting from our smartphones and tablets, and we think a caddy tray is a perfect way to keep your devices nearby without worrying if they’ll fall in the water. This is also a fun way to bring your iPad out and enjoy a movie night in the evening.
  6. Spa Step-N-Stow
    One of the more practical items, and definitely a best seller, adding steps with storage allows more room for keeping all your supplies nearby while avoiding the struggle to get in and out of your hot tub. We know our customers use some of these advertised on Amazon.
  7. Spa Umbrella
    If you want to enjoy your spa in the heat of the day and the sunscreen isn’t helping ward off any burns, add an umbrella to the side of your hot tub for maximum coverage.
  8. Spa Side Railing
    Making your entry and exit a whole lot safer, a SmartRail Spa Railing features a rotating bracket that works on freestanding spas and recessed ones. Adding this brings additional safety to your pool, so you have less to worry about.
  9. Aromatherapy
    Aromatherapy is a great way to fully relax and wind down in your spa, providing a unique way to mist scents out without using heat or flames. A customer favorite are these from inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy.

Other Necessary Accessories Your Hot Tub Requires

While we highly recommend the above accessories, we know needs come before wants, and in regards to your spa, there are a few chemical needs you should stock up on. Did you know if you go to either of our locations you can buy chemicals, oxidizers, chlorine, cleaner, and many other products? It’s always good to stay stocked up on these items as they’re healthy for your spa!

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